Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Week in the Life of a Dashionista: Let's Walk a Mile in my Shoes :)

Good morning/afternoon/evening Dashionistas!

So we are well past the second half of 2013 (Time indeed does fly!) and before we know it, it has been exactly 6 months and 2 days (as according to Hong Kong time) since we have posted our first Dashion post!

You have seen our various styles, antics and stories - and so this week, we're bringing to you a more steady insight into a week in the life of a Dashionista! As T has been fairly busy, you will instead see my (J) styling snapshots throughout the week.

Towards the end of this post, I will be continuing our little 'Health & Fitness' section - however this time, there will be a "Food Spotlight: Healthy Munch of the Week!"

Here we go! 

Let's Walk a Mile in my Shoes

Friday, July 12, 2013

It Definitely is Official: SUMMERTIME!

Dearest Dashionistas,

It definitely has been awhile since Dashion has posted and we sincerely apologise for that!

T's been doing all her little summer trips here and there ...

I have been, well, dancing (lol). Well, to actualize the arrival of Summer, I had a haircut!

After years (and years and years ...) of having such long, thick hair, it is now gone!

Long hair will always remain a timeless choice but a change, especially during Summer time, is definitely refreshing and inspiring!

[Picture below: I was wearing my blue, Armani Exchange tank top and shorts and paired it with nude (and super comfortable) flats from a local shop in Causeway Bay and black and white spotted bag from Icon Outlet (Singapore)]

It was also my birthday two weeks ago and, along with T, we had a little dress-up for the birthday dinner.

Surprisingly, or maybe because of the Summer atmosphere, we both opted for floral dresses!

T wore a fitting, navy blue floral dress from Pull and Bear, paired with flats from Staccato. I wore a flowy, pink floral dress  from West One (UK) and gold wedges from DKNY.

The various seasons definitely do influence not just what type of outfits you wear, but also the colouring and style!

Since it is Summer - and as a little special present for not posting as regularly anymore - we venture briefly into the Health, Fitness and Beauty realm today!

Also, we have some special, summer promotions for you at the end of this blog, courtesy of Style by Essenza! (Do you remember the lovely online store that Dashion had a photoshoot with? If not, check out: Dashion Meets Style)


I came across a Health, Lifestyle and Beauty blog today ( - I recommend reading their blog posts for more healthy lifestyle information!) and two posts captured my attention:
As an athlete, I am conscious about my health and physical body as there are physical and mental requirements I need to meet on a daily basis. I found these two posts to effectively communicate misplaced conceptions on the body and 'dieting'. 

Understanding how your body works and uses energy (the digestive system and metabolism) and knowledge on (actual) food nutrition are the fundamentals to maintaining our health in the long-run. 

In a nutshell, if you would like to start to understand the mechanisms of food, the body and health, I would (highly) recommend to you to research and start from this area: SUGAR

Yes, the condiment that we come across on a daily basis; the hidden component on many foods that we may not be thoroughly aware of and the effects it has on our physical body (including energy and ADDICTION to sugar, hint: "blood sugar levels") - the worst 'non-food' that people eat everyday (quote: Kat's Food Blog)

To quote William Dufty from a fellow blogger, Kat from Kat's Food Blog:
"After all, heroin is nothing but a chemical. They take the juice of the poppy and they refine it into opium and then they refine it to morphine and finally to heroin. Sugar is nothing but a chemical. They take the juice of the cane or the beet and they refine it to molasses and then they refine it to brown sugar and finally to strange white crystals." - Willam Dufty, Author of Sugar Blues
 Why did I highlight this specific topic area and linked it with the 'Flat Stomach' post?

Simply because, excessive sugar intake plays a major role in storing fat cells in our body - and the storage area is the stomach.


So there you have it Dashionistas! A little informative post to go along with Dashion's love for Fashion and Dance! Afterall, Health plays a key role in these two realms! :)

Style by Essenza Summer Promotions:

As promised at the beginning of the blog, we announce two special promotions, courtesy of online Fashion & Lifestyle store: Style by Essenza! 

Promotion 1: Style by Essenza Mini Decanter Giveaway:

Head over to Style by Essenza's Facebook page - 'Like' their page and sign up for their Newsletter ('Newsletter Signup' tab) for your chance to win their 'Style by Essenza Mini Decanter' (See picture below)

Promotion 2: Style by Essenza Summer 'Butterfly' Promotion:

A 10% discount is available for the range of Butterfly items when online promotional code 'BUTTERFLY10' is used upon checkout at
Hint: Butterfly Items are all by Pineda Covalin and are named: "Papalotl Mariposa" and "Santuario Monarca".

(Papalotl Mariposa scarf range)

 (Santuario Monarca silk dress and tunic range)
(Please note: Promotional photographs belong to Style by Essenza)

Good luck and Happy shopping! xx

Happy Summer to all of you, and see you in the next post!

♥ "It's all about how you put it together" - J x.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hair-llo! (Get it?)

Hair-llo Dashionistas!

Well, as you may have read T's previous post about her lovely vacation in Malaysia, my summer vacation kicked off with a *bang* as well!

You know, dancing and floor-work and all that.

I was thinking about what I should post this week as the cycle is on a little break and I thought to myself: "Oh why not! Hair!"

It's not much, to be honest - it just occurred to me that it is summer time now (well, Hong Kong is boiling hot now anyways!) and the few hair styles that I randomly conjured up during dance could be quite Dashion-y! (Get it? lol)

Oh! I will also be ending this post with a video - it's a new, little, personal dance project of mine and... I loved the skirt I used in it - AND it would be a nice summer piece as well! (Dashion! Hurray!)

So first off, the hair-dos... (Please note, it is just very common hair-dos, but I like to give it names!)

As you can see, my hair is fairly long and extremely thick. It can be very bothersome at times, especially during the summer as my hair acts as a 'scarf' (and wool-like, that is) which makes it VERY, VERY hot for me. Also, I can't really dance properly with my hair down - I will always have to flip it, or find some way to move it. Really...

A) "The Dancer's Rose" - My most common do when I'm dancing, simply because I've always naturally tied it this way (especially since my hair is really long and tying it in a ponytail can sometimes become quite a task, especially when I'm sweating from dancing!) Also, it does not sway about when moving/dancing!

A worthy summer do and could fit casual to evening events!
B) "The Dynasty" - Well, the name actually was inspired by my dance teacher. I tied it this way during class (subconsciously) and it was actually higher up at the crown of my head. My teacher then commented that I looked like those ladies from the ancient dynasties. For the rest of the class, he called me by one of the maiden's names.

This is perfect for a day out, casual, but spiking it with a little difference! A shopping trip or even beach-fun!
C) "The Doorknob-tail" - This hairdo was actually a result of not having enough time to finish tying my full ponytail, prior to a 'run-through' of a choreography. I ended up really liking it very much and is one of my favourite hairdo selection for my dance videos! (One of them is coming up, soon...)

A cheeky and different look - it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but a good cup of summer tea nonetheless! ;) It holds better than a ponytail and, if you have long hair like me, since it does not sway as much, it would not stick to you (if you live in a hot, humid place like I do) as much!
D) "The Helicoponytail" - There is a reason I called my ponytail that. It started off when I was in England and I was also working as a dancer then. My hair was actually even longer at the time and I could not let it down and dance (thick and long = can't see!) So I started tying my ponytail on the crown of my head, allowing for the length to be shortened. Soon, I started using it as one of my dancing tools whereby I swing it like a helicopter rotor!

Despite it being fussy at times, it remains to be my favourite 'performing' hairdo!
E) "The Anchor" - Quite a bold name for a delicate-looking hairdo right? But besides this hairdo reminding me of an anchor, it does work as an anchor as well! (lol) It is one of my 'dainty'-like styles and I do use it at times. As you may have realised, the above few hairdos are all taut and tight - which isn't good for our hairline in the long run! So this hairdo (which by far, is the quickest to do during dance rehearsals!) comes in handy... and to save my hairline.

Perfect if you are looking to have a more feminine look, yet not want to put your hair down as the heat might melt you. It could become quite flayed at times, and can be quite immovable if you tie it too tight - but since it's so easy to re-tie, it's very convenient!
F) "The Maiden" - I have actually used this hairdo the least, especially in dancing - only because the rose/bun at the nape of my neck can become quite bothersome when I'm doing floorwork! However, it is a very nice style to use for summer - again, it saves the hairline from being tugged at constantly and I love how the shorter bits of hair would naturally fall out (which won't happen when you tie it high up and taut!)

This could act as a more matured, lady-like look as well. Maybe for a summer date? Or when touring around during your summer vacation trip? ;)

So after all those hairdos, here is the video! :) Ironically, my hair is down here. (Ha!) I wanted to create a paranormal/haunting effect. I hope you enjoy this video! Thank you for reading my blog this week!

"A Haunted Heart" - J. J'ng
An experimental, digital project of contemporary dance and improvisational movement.

P.S. Wardrobe essential!

This is the skirt I was talking about! It has been with me for YEARS now! From bellydance, to contemporary dance! 

It is light, floaty, summer-y and versatile! Like the saying of how every girl should have at least one little, black dress in their wardrobe - well, we all should have at least one skirt of this kind as well! *wink* 

♥ "It's all about how you put it together" - J x

Sunday, May 26, 2013


I apologize for the delay update of this post, I have been sick the whole week and actually currently sound like a man as well. One of my best friends called me today and her exact  words: "Can you whatsapp me instead? Your voice is scaring me." What lovely friends I have!

This week we are going to take a break from a cycles since I went on a short getaway last week with my boyfriend. Remember last cycle in "It's a girl thing" how I went mad shopping just for this trip? Well I really did try to make some use of it.... Of course when a girl packs, she ends up using a lot of other clothes she didn't expect to.

I'll try not to overload you with too much to read this week while I tell you about my trip, but I will most definitely bombard you with a series of amazing photos I took in Kota Kinabalu. The sunset there is absolutely breathtaking! The first day we arrived, I thought the whole trip was going to be ruined cause it was pouring! We checked the weather forecast and it said it would be pouring for the next four days. Great timing eh? Miraculously, the sky cleared up for a beautiful sunset that just put me in awe. We stayed at the Shangri-la Tanjung Aru Resort and they have a beautiful sunset bar that stretches out towards the sea. It was the perfect spot to do a little cocktail drinking while absorbing the beauty of the sunset before dinner.

All I felt when I was watching the sun go down was awe and peacefulness.  Seeing how calm the water is just eases your mind and the sky painted in different colours because of the sunset. I was in complete serenity. 
The next day, thank heavens, turns out to be a beautiful blue sky sunny day. We went to the orangutan sanctuary first thing in Shangri-la Rasa Ria Resort which was about a 45 min ride away from our resort. We got to see this little cutie after walking up this trail to the feeding station where it gets fed every morning. I personally think the "feeding station" is just feeding us to the mosquitos.  

After the orangutan we had some time before the bus came to pick us up so we spent the rest of the morning at the private beach just chilling and relaxing.

We went back to our hotel and guess what, we just laid by the pool. The infinity pool is absolutely beautiful. Yup it's my kind of holiday!

Around 6pm, (my favourite time of the day while I was there) the sun began to set and I thought yesterday's sunset was beautiful, but today proved me wrong! Yesterday I would not have been able to imagine a more amazing sunset but there it is, today just showed me. I have to say, the money is completely worth spent even if it's just to go stare at that sunset every single day.

The sky was so many different colours and it just got more vibrant as the sun gets closer to the horizon. And right before it sets, it is THE most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  And right where the hut is in the photo above is where the sunset bar is.

On our third day, the weather was kind to us again and we had another amazing sunny day.  Today we took a boat and did a little island hopping. I love being on boats when it goes fast, even if it makes me look like Medusa.

When I stepped out on to the first island, it was like incredible.  The beach is exactly how your imagination would picture a perfect beach; blue sky, white sand, sectioned light green sea water. It was gorgeous!


Throughout the day we did some snorkelling and then we did parasailing. Personally I am mad afraid of heights and have a phobia of swimming in the deep ocean so parasailing was absolutely terrifying for me but I am proud to say I have done it!


Unfortunately it started drizzling in the late afternoon, so we did not get that perfect sunset we saw the night before, though I still manage to take a picture of a scenery that was like a painting. Still beautiful.

That day was also my 13th month anniversary with my boyfriend so he took me to the lovely restaurant at the hotel for dinner :). This entire trip was actually post-poned celebration of our one year anniversary last month, it was worth the wait.

We really did not want to leave on our last day to come back to the horrible weather that Hong Kong has been having, but on our way home, we were extremely lucky cause we caught one last amazing view of the sunset in the sky. That was the perfect ending to our little vacation.


♥ "It's all about how you put it together" - T

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dashion meets Style

This week we have something special for you as promised. We will be featuring products from the lovely Style by Essenza.  You can look at more of their products here. You can also follow them on  their Facebook page and Instagram: @stylebyessenza

Amanda Yang is the founder of Style By Essenza, she was inspired by products that she has come across through her traveling.  Each product has a personal memory, found during her traveling or recommended by friends from all over the world.  Style by Essenza has amazing accessories and lifestyle items collected from around the world! To read more about it you can click here.

Our theme this cycle is about finding your own fun.  Everybody has a getaway, their own way of de-stressing from reality and enjoying life. T gets a thrill from shopping in "It's a girl thing" and J gets the adrenaline rush from dancing in "Fun, fun, fun - here, there and anywhere", and whenever else she can. As you can see there is no limit to where you find your fun.  Style by Essenza is about finding your own colour, who you are, what suites you!

Dashion-hime and Style by Essenza both emphasize on being comfortable with yourself and having fun! While you're at, add a some colours to it! Life is always more fun when it's colourful.  Here are some of the products that you can find on the SbE website.

The tunic dresses can be cinched at the waist or worn loosely for a more relaxed look. Pair it with sandals and chill on the beach, or put on your sexiest heels for a fun, colourful evening look. Wear it as a dress or a shirt and look equally alluring.

"A beautiful and luxurious flowing silk top featuring a fantastic Sanctuario Monarca butterfly design. The smooth and flowing texture of the silk makes looking fabulous fantastically easy!" 

T is seen wearing the Fuschia (Top) Sanctuario Monarca butterfly design. J wears the Marine Blue Sanctuario Monarca butterfly design (Bottom). It also comes in a silk top that is in Violet as seen below.
Style by Essenza also has a lot of other fabulous and eyecatching designs for silk tops.
"A beautiful and luxurious flowing silk top featuring a unique and adorable Limited Edition United Nations Women's Day design. Supporting the cause of prevention of violence against women, this poncho is meaningful and stylish!"


"A beautiful and luxurious flowing silk top featuring the adorable Munecas Otomi (Dolls) design. The smooth and flowing texture of the chiffon makes it a top or cover-up!"

A beautiful and luxurious flowing silk top featuring the elegant Arte Plumaria (plumage) design. The smooth and delicate texture of the chiffon makes it a top or cover-up!"

T (Bottom) wears the Arte Plumaria White and Orange. J (Top) wears the Arte Plumaria Black.
Also available in Pink, Lilac and Blue.
"A beautiful and luxurious flowing silk top featuring a unique and adorable Limited Edition Ballena Gris (Grey Whale) design."

"A beautiful and luxurious flowing silk top featuring a unique and fun Caritas design. The smooth and flowing texture of the silk makes looking fabulous fantastically easy!"


All the silk tops can be worn off the shoulder, asymmetrically, or get creative! Pair the top with shorts, jeans or slacks for a casual look, dress it up with accessories and a skirt, or bring it with you as a handy and eye-catching cover-up for those cool summer nights.

Every piece is unique and stunning to wear and equally mesmerising as a piece of art, you are sure to stand out wearing any design from Pineda Covalin.


"A beautiful and luxurious flowing silk dress featuring
the popular and classic Papalotl
Butterfly design."

"A beautiful and luxurious flowing silk dress featuring a unique and Limited Edition Selva Mexicana red design."
The silk dresses can be loosely worn for a relaxed and casual look, or cinched at the waist for a more finished style. Wear it as a dress, or as a loose and boho chic tip with skinny jeans and pants. Tie it up at the front, from behind, or even on the side. The dress is designed to be as versatile as you!


Just because we are wearing beautiful tops and dresses, doesn't mean we can only be posey and pretty! We are Dashion-hime! We have fun anywhere and everywhere, no matter what we do. :)


 "A beautiful and luxurious flowing silk top featuring the unforgettable royal peacock design."

This gorgeous tunic comes in blue and red, as you can see both colours are stunning and sharp! You can wear it casusally or on a night out, and will definitely be beautiful like a peacock. T and J definitely had a blast and felt like a peacock being in those lovely tunics.

Aside from all the beautiful and unique silk tops and dresses, SbE also stocks a range of Pineda Covalin's silk scarves, which can be worn as scarf tops - now that is definitely versatility! Take a look below at some various ways that the silk scarves can be worn, aside from it being just an accessory:

Here's some behind the scenes shot we had during our photoshoot. Dashion-hime had a great day with Style By Essenza, doing all sorts of crazy and fun poses :)

Since it's the end of our cycle this week, let's not forget to be inspired!

 ♥ "It's all about how you put it together" - T & J
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